How good is your “approximate number sense?”

How good is your “approximate number sense?”

Test your intuitive math skills.

I can easily imagine a situation where the fate of your balls rests on you knowing, after a brief glimpse, whether there are more marbles of one variety than marbles of a second variety, can’t you?

At one point, I was convinced that I blew it$this->footnoteID(‘1’,’‘), and as a result was going to have most of my human rights revoked$this->footnoteID(‘2’,’‘), but I ended up doing a little bit better than average$this->footnoteID(‘3’,’‘).

In any case, this is fun, in the squirming, nervous way anything testing supposed basic cognitive skills can be said to be fun. So really, the most fun you’re likely to have today. Enjoy!

1 Which should really mean you did something in the most awesome way possible.

2 Of the six that are left.

3 Of course that might just be luck, but why don’t you shut up instead.


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