I have lost my mind. Is that it in your pocket?

The other day I downloaded legally acquired through undisclosed means an episode of Boston Legal. I read that John Larroquette was guest starring and I mistakenly assumed he would be reprising his Emmy winning role from what is quite possibly the best episode of television of the past decade on The Practice, of which Boston Legal is a spin-off.

After setting aside some time and gathering the requisite accoutrements,1 I pushed play.

I was expecting this:

But received this:

I’ll be the first to admit that I would drink a goat testicle smoothie every morning if It meant I would look as good as Tim Daly when I’m 52, but that’s still not enough incentive to sit through an episode of General Hospital Grey’s Anatomy General Hospital: Night Shift Doctors Without Morals.

This is roughly what went on in my television-addled brain:

Boston Legal >> Boston Public >> Private Practice


Now, I’m not quite that mentally deficient, as a law firm can be, and is routinely, referred to as a “practice”, evidenced ably by Boston Legal’s aforementioned predecessor The Practice, also, every show in question airs or has aired on ABC. But this is still mostly ridiculous. The worst part is it still took me a good twelve seconds to suss out what had happened.

Again, had my mind all set for:

Was greeted by:

You can imagine my disappointment. Still jacked off to it though.2

  1. A sandwich and some razor blades. []
  2. If life gives you lemons, cut a hole and get to work. []


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