Free Brazilian Wax

Are you worried about bikini season? Are you tired of all that unruly pubic hair?

There HAS to be a better way!

Well, have I got the solution for you. Just play this infuriating game where you have to figure out arcane and obscure visual clues about movie titles from the last 20 years. Eventually you’ll rip out all of your pubes in frustration.

I really suggest you try for a while, hell you can save your game and come back later, before you give in and look at the answers. I’m loathe to even link to them but it’d be crueler not to. Although some of these are completely ridiculous and others are just hard to visually make out, stick with it. Hell, there were a clues that I had no idea were movies, but I reasonably guessed and lucked out, so you never know. Don’t forget the aloe vera.

(via deusexmalcontent)


2 Responses to “Free Brazilian Wax”

  1. your friendly neighborhood brad on June 17th, 2009 2:12 pm

    thanks for the link. shannon and i were able to get 42 of 50 working together and at first i was sad. then i looked at the answers and all of the ones we missed were absolutely retarded. did we beat you?

  2. Ricardo on June 17th, 2009 10:13 pm

    Oh fuck yes. I think I gave up at like 30. To spare my ego, I’ll attribute some of that to just being blind though.

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