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This show has a lot going for it. It premiered during the winter dearth of television, it has a proven premise, high production values and a recognizable name in Timothy Hutton, but more important than any of that bullshit, Nostradamus is on the writing staff.

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This literally aired the very day the Blagojevich scandal broke, and granted, buying a representative is not the same as selling a Senate seat, but props all the same.

Even before I knew to scrutinize this show for portents of future disasters, I was all set enjoy it since I’m a fan John Rogers, one of the showrunners, despite apparently being partly responsible for the greatest sin ever committed to film, Catwoman. Even with that black mark against it, everything was fine for ¾ of the pilot episode until I noticed something.

Ladies and Gentlemen, but especially ladies, I’ll have you know I don’t watch film and television like the unwashed masses. I pay attention. Even when something is terrible. Especially when something is terrible. I will catch the boom dipping into frame, I will note the business a featured extra finally decided on, I will screen capture any unintentional nudity, and I certainly will not miss any product placement, which, I suppose, is the point of product placement.

And which is why I was sad when most of the previous good will generated by this show was deflated like the last dirigible at the close of “The Golden Age of Airships”, truly a somber and dream-killing affair, when I witnessed this:

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Then I realized this was actually an extra long episode presented with “limited commercial interruption” and most, if not all, was forgiven. That seems like a fair trade. If it means I have to suffer through less car/detergent jingles, I will gladly put up with some more in-show advertising. I think America agrees.

Not yet quite as polished as the other basic-cable-former-bad-guys-or-at-least-morally-ambiguous-guys-now-lend-their-unique-services-namely-running-elaborate-cons-on-real-bad-guys-in-order-to-help-those-no-one-else-can-help, that would be USA’s Burn Notice,1 but it is well put together, and I’m a sucker for a heist. Plus, sometimes the show is just adorable:

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  1. Technically making LeverageThe C-Team“. []

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