Because it’s there.

I think I have to watch this 6 more times before I’m convinced I’m not lurking around in the background somewhere.

For the man who hates everything.

It’s me again, the disembodied spirit of a murdered ex-Green Beret who can’t move on to the next plane of existence because his murder by a gang of street thugs cannot go unavenged and also has been trapped in this website somehow1. Don’t just take my word for it.

Yesterday marked the 2nd anniversary of my imprisonment in this cyberhell and tomorrow we celebrate the 28th year in the reign of the great and powerful wizard who confined me here.

Unsure what might please him and gain his good favor? May I make a few




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He is a simple man of simple tastes.2

  1. Murder most foul. []
  2. Sorry, simple wizard. []