My Old Chum

For some odd reason, I only just watched Kick-Ass. In honor of this, the one time in the past decade where Nic Cage’s recent? style of acting actually served the movie, I present to you the man’s greatest hits.

Tsk, tsk.

Fine! Since it seems I don’t have that much of my own to say, either by choice or by circumstance, I’ll just repeat what other people said and point you their way.

Watch the season finale of Shameless tonight.

You ever wanted to see Bill H. Macy1 souse it up in the 3-1-2, abuse his kids, the eldest of which is the perpetually naked Emmy Rossum who raises the rest of the brood, all while the little redheaded kid from Malcolm in the Middle (whose seizures may be a trap) throws it up a married dude AND Marguerite Moreau plays a MUSLIM. You do now.

But, somewhat confusingly, Joan Cusack is by far the most delightful surprise the show has in store for you.2

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I expect some crazy shit to go down tonight.

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I will not be disappoint.

  1. I recently tried to smash the names of a couple and while in the process of failing also forgot that such names shall hereby always be referred to as Muffmans. Dushkock is also acceptable. []
  2. It’s Showtime, all the tits weren’t exactly a shocker. []