Most definitely giants.

Human Giant straight up killed it in their second season. Most of you know RAAAAAAAANDY Aziz Ansari from Parks and Recreation You’ll recognize Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer from an assload of movies and tv shows and the never seen fourth member, Jason Woliner, from directing a bunch of Funny Or Die sketches.

SNL may have Weekend Update and two to three musical performances, but that’s still a lot of minutes to fill with sketch. A half hour every week seems so much more reasonable. Also, whether the length has anything to do with it, you can’t really get this intricate on network television. If there’s one thing I love, it’s when comedians break a premise, put it back together, then if there’s time put it back together one more time.

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I’m sad Human Giant is over but at least Funny Or Die Presents has risen to take its place. As if by magic.

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Funny People finally looks good now that they’ve stopped marketing it as a sappy love story with Eric Bana as the cuckolded villain1.

And not to put down Messrs. Rogen, Hill and to a lesser, more washed up extent, Sandler, but Aziz Ansari is by far the most appealing thing about this movie. Until now, that is.

Jarrett Grode, the comic whose joke was upgraded, was in Judd Apatow’s sophomore television effort Undeclared. He’s popped up in the occasional web short. He’s been doing stand-up for over a decade now. But what I will always remember him for was a series of ‘zines2 he wrote, in the late 90s, basically as a child.

An excerpt:


1. Think For Yourself!!!!
3. Don’t Kill People!!!!!!
4. One Time This Guy Told me To Go To The Back Of The Line Because I Was Cutting But I Think He Said It Because He Was Racist!!!!!!!
5. Murderers Don’t Belong In Prison!!!
6. Drum Harder!!!!!!!!
8. Die Mall Security Guard! DIE!!!!
9. Free Political Prisone Charles Manson!!!!

And here he is helping readers out with some vocabulary.

Pugilist: boxer

Don King: Pugilist means boxer! Two words for one concept! Only in America!

Knowledgeable polyglot: Synonyms are common to every language.

Don King: (evading taxes)

Here’s hoping the magician in Funny People doesn’t get his scene cut!3

  1. Can’t decide between a “you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry”, reliable but dated and possibly confusing (fucking Ed Norton), or a “the man can clearly hold a grudge” with maybe a “FIRE EVERYTHING!!!” crammed in there somewhere. Oh wait, neither. The right answer is neither. []
  2. I didn’t know senile octogenarians just made up words. []
  3. Or if he does that at least he shows up in the next Harry Potter movie. []