The forgotten perks of being an Angeleno.

I’ve seen a bunch of low-level celebrities hiking at Runyon Canyon, from Kathy Griffin to Diedrich Bader to Paul Johansson1. My most recent sighting puts all of those to shame.

Christian Clemenson was responsible for maybe the best moment of television from 20072. He plays Jerry Espenson, a lawyer with Asperger’s. The clip itself ably handles everything else you may need to know.

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Also, later I saw a 6’2”, 250lb black man dressed as Zorro with a plastic sword and hat and everything. Still not as good as ol’ Clemmy3.

So, it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t say anything to him. Rule #1: They not ready.

  1. As I may have mentioned before, that nigga Dan be crazy. []
  2. It’s between this and “We have to go baaaaack!” Good job, ABC! []
  3. That’s what he would let me call him if we were friends. Just me though. Clemmy & Sotes, solving crimes and scoring trim, all on the company dime. Clemmy & Sotes, kicking ass and not bothering to take any names because fuck your name. Clemmy & Sotes, the only plumbers you’ll need, if you want to plumb the depths of ecstasy. Cumming this fall. Check your local fistings. []

Bravo, Boston Legal and Farewell

You’ll be glad to know that my recent thwarted attempts at watching this show have been remedied and I managed to catch the series finale on Monday.

I’ve seen, at most, six episodes prior to this, but that’s just enough to know this episode is true to form. Here’s James Spader’s Alan Shore addressing the United States Supreme Court:

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I have nothing but respect for a show that careens towards the fine line between amazing and preposterous, then proceeds to cross it, but not before pissing all over it.

I think I might have to go and watch all five seasons of this now. Dammit Shatner, as if I didn’t already have enough TV on my plate. Fuck you and the midget you rode in on.