So, Body Snatchers are real…

Family Guy has apparently expanded their writing pool to include more of the ocean’s noble critters.

Cymothoa exigua is found in certain species of fish. It sneaks in through their gills, eats and or destroys their tongues, replacing them in the process and then feeding either off the host’s blood or mucus. Let me repeat that. This animal crawls into another animal, destroys one of its organs and then functions as that organ for the rest of its life.

Say hello to the most adorable thing that will ever cause you to vomit in terror.

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Seth McFarlane’s Science Corner

What is the best thing? This is the best thing.

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The Ultimate Challenge

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Man, I really have to get back to playing frisbee soon. There’s all kinds of innovations and shit.

I don’t want to grow up. I’m a dying-at-the-bottom-of-this-gorge kid.

Humanity so raw you might catch Salmonella

This is some intensity right here.

Listen to a baby being born, a five-year-old save his mothers life, a woman nearly engulfed in flames and more mind-bottling 9991 recordings.

  1. The British spelling of 911. []

Drugs for your eyeballs

Please do not watch this when you are high.