Yes, Pecan.

As always, don’t mind me, I’m just fashionably late to the party.

This should not be a news story. That the same can be said for 85% of all news stories is beside the point.

Let’s sum up. The “left” is mad at a “leftist” publication for making fun of the way the “right” typically makes fun of the “left,” Obama in particular, in such a way that the intent might not be clear1. Or to put it another way, rich white people are afraid poor white people will not get the joke2, other rich white people are worried that if the connection between Obama and all these negative stereotypes keeps getting made, regardless of how rich or smart the white person is, it will begin to take hold in their oh-so-pliable brainmeat, while yet a third group finds it patronizing to imply “middle America” will see this cover and think that either Senator Obama is in fact a secret Muslim terrorist, or that the New Yorker is stating this as their opinion.

I’m torn on this “issue.” On the one hand, John Stewart (our most important Jew) put it best when he said the only sane response from Obama would have been “Barack Obama should in no way be upset about the cartoon that depicts him as a Muslim extremist, because you know who gets upset about cartoons? Muslim extremists. On the other hand, the cartoon is, at least in theory, “difficult” because the actual target of the satire is nowhere to be seen. Is it stupid to vastly overestimate the stupidity of others? Surprisingly enough, this is a question that comes up in my life not infrequently. I leave it up to you to decide3.

  1. Simple, right? []
  2. Can a joke be told too well? []
  3. On second thought, maybe I better not. What’s this? A juice box! Where did this come from? Do you want it? Of course you do, who wouldn’t want a juice box? Here you go. You know what, I can’t remember what we were talking about either. []