It’s not rape if she’s already dead.

Michael Ian Black recently riffed on rape. Prompted by response to a comment he made on twitter1 he descended into a defense on rape as fodder for comedy. Furthering his argument, he quotes Sarah Silverman and in turn demands to be quoted himself.

When you combine rape and Anti-Semitism in the same joke, I’m sorry, you’ve done something right.

- Michael Ian Black

This offends me. Not because of all the rape, or even the racism, but because it’s clear how effortless this rant was for Mr. Black. I fucking toil at this shit right here.

In an attempt to imitate and flatter,2 I present to you one of my favorite rape jokes, or jokes about rape jokes (and a bonus for your troubles), also from a talented female comedian, Morgan Murphy.

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Good thing I don’t have an office job.

  1. I finally think enough of you (enough=4) actually know what twitter is, relieving me of the imposing task of trying to explain it in a footnote. []
  2. But mostly just imitate. []