Just a quick reminder


Let’s start this year with a bang.

The Final Legend

Is it just me or does this make you want to go bounding across the plains of Hyrule?

I wonder if he needs a drummer?

Looks like Caninus and Hatebeak have some stiff competition.

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Don’t Worry Be Mindblown

This has been everywhere the past few days and I’m mainly posting it just so I can constantly watch it more easily.

From the ashes of forgetfulness…

I had heard of this band somewhere, then forgot about them. I saw them on SNL, then forgot about them. A friend recommended them to me, then I forgot about them. It’s pretty safe to say that if I hadn’t seen this homemade mashup I would not be listening to their album as I write this.

Here’s to more videos like this slowing the inevitable march of dementia across my brainmeat.

Give Me a Beat!

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The Weatherlution will be televised.

This effect is probably being abused lately, but it’s still fun as hell to watch.

And your little dog too!

When I upgrade1 my goat to a dog, I think the first order of business is going to be teaching it to do this:

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Unless it already knows how. Oh fuck! I think I hear it now! The barks are coming from inside the house!


So it looks like when this site isn’t about politics it’s about puppies!

Oy, with the poodles already!

  1. Sacrifice []

High and Moist

What the eff, porn industry? When did you go and get yourselves some good taste? Who said you could do that?

Watch this (volume is a bit low):

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Now, listen to the first few seconds of this:

Then, insert obvious joke about something smelling fishy.

Excuse me, Mike Adriano, director of My Fantasy Girls P.O.V. #2, did you honestly think we wouldn’t notice this bald attempt at thievery? Did you think you could pull a fast one1 over on the American public?

Who knew the real threat from pornography was not on our morals but on our copyrights. Truly, it is an affront, up with which we dare no longer put!

Oh, did I forget to mention my new job as a watchdog for the RIAA?2 I do it for you guys. To keep your intellectual property safe. And properly lubricated.

  1. Cleveland Steamer []
  2. Vice President In Charge of Watching Adult Materials With The Sound On. []

We have officially entered the End Of Times

Exhibit A: (keep your eyes on the woman on the right)

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I’m no physicist, for those of you who were wondering (all of you) but I think this might violate Newton’s third law of motion.

If pasty, blond white girls can move like this then what’s next?

Asians start driving well? The Five Jew Bankers relinquish their hold on the world? Cats start treating their owners with respect? A black man is elected president? Surely, that way madness lies.

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They do now!

If loving this woman is wrong (or racist) then I don’t want to be right (or not racist).

A Neglected Demographic

If clubs played more music like this, there’d be a lot more lonely, misanthropic dudes sobbing quietly in the corner.

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Whatever I like indeed.