A note to the amorphous mass of individuals and cocaine habits collectively known as Hollywood.

This guy, yeah this guy:

is 29 years old. Please stop casting him as a high school student. I know he’s a handsome fellow and youthful to boot1, but this is ridiculous.

He’s been playing a high school student for 10 years. The ten years since he GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL. I get that actual high school students probably can’t pull off everything older actors can, but cut the guy a break. I’m only 27 and I barely remember what high school was like.2

Oh yeah, and while you’re at it, him too:

Just kidding Jonah, I still love you. Stay strong, I mean fat. Don’t give in like Rogen did.

  1. Hell, I wouldn’t gaykick him out of gaybed for eating gaycrackers. []
  2. In my day we didn’t have any “sexting”. We had to write sexnotes by hand on this thing called paper and we had to pass them in class and hope the other students didn’t get suspicious about all these notes you kept passing to the teacher. I guess that’s still the same. []