The student has become the master (of space explosions).

So, Star Trek was pretty good. Not as good as all the hype. There were certainly a few ways the film could have been better, but overall it was the best rebooting since Batman Begins.1

It fully captured the spirit of the franchise,

While adding some 21st century panache.

Of the over 700 episodes of various Star Trek shows that have aired, I would bet you ten kilos of dilithium crystals2 that I’ve seen over half of those and I had no problem with the plot. The story did exactly what it needed to do in order to get a few more movies out of the deal and there remains no doubt that J.J. Abrams can direct the fuck out a summer blockbuster. Not to mention cast a movie quite well. The two leads were surprisingly good.

And even though John Cho never once got to say “Romulans on the viewscreen, Captain.” and didn’t have much of a back story, he knew what he was doing.

But I did have a problem with another castmember. Baby Chekov was cute and all but when it comes to overblown J.J. Abrams3 space operas, I prefer my precocious Russian science heroes a bit more refined.

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I’m basically just overjoyed that a guy who used to be a lowly writer for Michael Bay spectacles, albeit the most spectacular, is now directing those very same spectacles and is clearly so much better, smarter and more nuanced than his former mentor.

Get ‘em, J.

  1. And until Darren Aronofsky remakes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Or RoboCop. What’s that? []
  2. That shit gets you FUUUUCCKED UP. []
  3. Whether as director or writer. []