And/or Kakow

From now on when I think of Stormtroopers they invariably sound like this:

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Oh no! The space time continuum!

Oh no! The space time continuum!

The same matter cannot occupy the same space!

Rape Jokes: A How-to Guide


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Gossip Girl’s second season premiered tonight on the CW. If you missed the first season, this is as good a recap as any. I’m proudbarrased to get every reference in this.

This show is not as good as exective producer Josh Schwartz’s first show, the O.C.; then again it’s not as bad as the O.C. either. As you might have gathered, we have a soft spot in our hearts here for average things, of which this show is a prime example.

Is it silly? Yes. Is it another transparent excuse for disgustingly beautiful people to sex each other up on television? Absolutely. Is it confusing to wonder how the narrator is supposed to be an actual human being that basically just follows this one group of people around at all times and feels compelled to write cryptic and dramatically appropriate posts on a blog that can arguably be called even more niche than the one you’re currently reading1? I don’t even remember the question. Is the show basically just rich white folks enjoying their money? If you’re going to let something like that bother you, I suggest you never open a history book ever again.

So if you don’t like shows where decapitation is covered by most HMOs, or if you really want to know what life must be like for exactly sixteen high school students in Manhattan, or even if you’re just really racist and are offended that the Brandon Walsh character is now black there are worse ways to spend the Monday nights when all your “friends” are busy, all the hookers you usually call are “out of town” and you just don’t feel like dealing with the mess of cutting yourself.

In the end, I can, in all good faith, give the show a resounding endorsement: there’s nothing wrong with this show that isn’t wrong with probably just about everything else you like and/or do. Make of that what you will and proceed accordingly.

Chris Keller’s work here is done.

  1. Well, not really. []

Clownin’ around in the neighborhood

What nightmares are made of.

I have no idea how they could top this!

This commercial for the 19th$this->footnoteID(‘1’,’ ‘)season of Prison Break looks promising.

1 Has it really been that long?

Casting Reality

(link to video)

A reality show about people whose main aspiration in life is to be on a reality show. This might even be more meta than my idea for a reality tv show where there’s no money at stake and every one is just there to make friends. The season finale is just people literally throwing each other under buses.

I better hurry up and pitch it to VH1$this->footnoteID(‘1’,’‘).

1 The house that shame built.

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