Gentlemen, start your whacking!


Happy Whacking Day everyone! That’s right, May 10th is officially learn-a-lesson-about-not-exterminating unseemly-species-possibly-from-soul-legend-Barry-White-day. I mean if we’re going to celebrate Festivus, why not? It’s a holiday no more ridiculous than any other. Unsure how to celebrate? These nerds have an idea:

That is highly offensive, Amazon. I have much better things to do with my time than play World of Warcraft.1

Seriously though folks, snakes are no joke. Most of the time.

Humans, too.2

  1. Obviously. []
  2. You will almost certainly regret seeing this. Also, it takes a while to load, so you still have some time! []

¿Si Me Gusta?

Dan Castellaneta guest starring:


A midget wrestler named Bumblebee Man:


This sneakiness:

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too adorable for Bones? What say you? Woo! or Boo!? No, you’re right, Boooo-urns!