Can we just give him a show on Adult Swim already?

You are mending me together!

This April Fool’s the Cartoon Network’s Late Night programming block Adult Swim played The Room. Read that again, I’ll be waiting. I don’t even have cable and yet I was terrified that the “prank” was listing the movie in their schedule and then not showing it. Instead the “prank” was airing this movie on basic cable. And what a prank it was.

This is not without precedent though. The airing was bookended by a very special episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, with guest star and segment director Tommy Wiseau. To set up who Wiseau is, they showed a clip from his opus.

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Seem familiar?

This all culminates in the sketch starring and directed and inspired by Wiseau.

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Motherhood does not agree with Jessica Alba.

I think it’s clear that the world is starved for more Tommy. You know what to do.1

  1. What? Oh, you don’t? Um, I don’t know, maybe we could send him a bunch of pigs? Would that help? He’d be fed for a while at least. Not from their meat, obviously. From their blood. Because he’s a vampire. That’s right kids, Dracula’s real. And he has AIDS, so it’s not polite to stare. Well, what did you think was going to happen? []

You Are All My Favorite Customers

So you guys, this Saturday I expect pretty much everyone I know to show up and watch Tommy Wiseau’s modern cinema classic The Room with me. There isn’t really a lot of room for discussion on this one.1

Just to whet your appetites while hopefully not spoiling too much2, I give you a slight taste of what you can expect:

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If you are not there, this is what it will do to me.

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Just be forewarned, any no-shows will have to face my wrath.

Don’t worry, I will provide the spoons.

  1. Hey, when in Transylvania… (Don’t you just hate it when the best joke you can come up with is one you know only 1 in 3 people will get? Literally one person out of a total of three.) []
  2. I’m confident I could tell you everything that happens in this movie, in less than a minute, and somehow nothing about the experience would be ‘spoiled.’ []