The Falling Dead

So, The Walking Dead is definitely improving1 but it still hasn’t gotten back to its original awesomeness. Until it does I think I’ll just watch this over and over.

You know, when the zombpocalypse begins, after my initial berserker rampage where I come close to losing my humanity in order to survive, I’m going to choose to focus on the positive. Imagine all the tail!2 Not only would the bloated moral fabric of society fall away like so much rot, but think about what zombies are actually doing. A bite is just the only way they have left to reproduce, so that horde over there isn’t trying to kill you silly, they’re just trying to gangbang you.3

End times are sexy times.

  1. Sorry, Shawshank. []
  2. The slow moving dismembered tail. []
  3. “Brains. Brains. I want to fuck your brains out.” []

Are we having fun yet?

Now we are. I got to level 28 with over 20 challenges completed when firefox crashed and lost all my progress. This game is fun but not so fun as to warrant all that. Pretty sure I cheated a bit too.

Algebra: The Game (Based on the popular motion picture).1

Deconstructed Tetris sort of.

And this is the final exam at the Jedi academy. Scores will be posted Monday.

  1. Hey, if Dante’s Inferno can be a game… []

A completely not frustrating game to productively spend your time playing

Exactly what I said it was. Go on and play, this should keep you busy while I figure out what the hell else to put up here.

Look who just got you fired!

From the makers of Desktop Tower Defense comes The Space Game

While in principle it’s in the same genre of ‘Tower Defense’, the goal is no longer just keeping enemies from passing by, but actually staying alive.

This didn’t get too hard until the last level where I had to drastically change strategies, but it was fun throughout, and it’s probably a good thing that it’s not quite as addictive as DTD.

Genocide for the whole family

Genocide for the whole family

Genocide for the whole family

This isn’t a particularly well made game; Desktop Tower Defense, it’s not. But I defy you to not get a little caught up in the race to exterminate mankind. Finally, a game that explores what it must feel like to be Skynet.